i just want friends who i can be depressed with and send memes to, so hii !

-ˋˏ About me ˎˊ-

✼ I'm 15, almost 16, and from the United States.
✼ I speak both Spanish and English fluently.
✼ i'm super short(4'8) practically a midget, and i also like to dye my hair every week.
✼ My name is Jasmine:)

-ˋˏ Interests ˎˊ-

✼ Honestly, I am a very laidback person who does not like alot of things but I do like watching youtube and listening to music aha.
✼ Some of my favorite youtubers to watch are
- Sam and Colby

- Jake Webber

- Ryan Trahan and Ryan Yerrow

- The Obey House (Fortnite gamers yanno)

- Faze Tenser oooooof

- to be fair, i watch a lot of people and usually it is just random
videos that i feel will be interesting so I could have an entire list
but those are people i watch on a day to day basis oops.

✼ I listen to a lot of music, probably 24/7 if i'm being honest. its a problem. I like a lot of people's music but here are some of my favorite people.

- Travis Scott, Cuco, Drake, XXX, Rex Orange County, Nicki
Minaj, 21 savage, Lil Uzi, Mac Miller, Billie Eilish etc. I could
name so many people tbh but im lazy

✼ I don't really watch tv or movies because I get distracted and end up not paying attention to whatever i'm watching, but That 70's Show is my alltime favorite show.

So yeah, if you find anything about me that is interesting or something we have in common, hit me up! i'm always down to make more friends, especially internet friends. Thanks for reading, mucho amor para ti<3