i know i have to end it all
we shouldn't really keep going
it's probably just the beginning of the fall
i feel like you don't know what's going...

and on and on the words are playing
again and again in my head, i know
i should talk, explain what are those things
how and what and why, an explanation, that's what i owe

but how do you even do that? how can i say
that you're just not what i need, that i tried
i tried and tried again... but hey
maybe i'm not that one who should tried...

it's harder and harder to keep pretending
i'm pissed off, pouting, rain endlessly pouring
i hate what this pattern is provoking
in my psyche, not proud, it's myself i'm punishing

"you okay babe?" "Idk" "???" and that's the story
of our love, it's usually the other way around
i care and i ask and i text, you don't, that's why
i don't want you to be around...

again, that's a lie, but that's what i am
i'd love to stay friends with you, but what's the point
if you don't care about me, i shouldn't wonder what i am
well, maybe.. maybe i should show you this, prove you my point

i still love you way too much,
but you never answer me, or just a single word
sadness might kill me, it's all a bit too much
yet i'm so numb i can't feel that the world...
is still turning

it turns and turns and here i am, broken
by the fact that i must end it
is it that big of a deal? frighten
it's just 4 small months, that's what is it

yet it's so overwhelming, hard to explain
hard to put into words, harder to tell
i don't wanna do that, it really is a pain
to know that you don't have a clue...
so cruel

i tried to forget myself, i force myself to
think that it's just normal and that it was meant to be
that way, but my friends kept telling me that it's not
that you're fine but not what i need

i can't say that they're wrong. i need
lots of stuff, but i need attention and love
not just some hearts, some ilys, some "you okay?"
when all you're waiting for is "yeah, i'm fine love"

not telling me when you're hurt & sad
not commenting when i talk about my life
not replying when i show you how proud of myself i can be
it's just
not what i wanted?

but i know you're like that, i know it would
be too much to ask you to change, and maybe
i don't even want to anymore... maybe you could
find someone to match you better and let it be

yeah, breaking up might be the best option here,
and maybe i'll show you this little piece of stuff
i don't write, i don't even speak english, what a pretentious ass
there are no rhymes anymore, just words and feelings

i'm drowning in my own numbness i don't feel but i feel
too much anyway