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Today's article will be about my favorite YouTubers or with other words YouTube channels you should start watching too. I hope you'll like this!

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☆ | shane dawson

It's definitely no surprise he's the first one on my list. His conspiracy videos are my absolute favorite! Every single time, after watching one of his videos, I start thinking about my own existence lol. He's one crazy human being, that's for sure.

meme, reaction, and shane dawson image meme, reaction, and shane dawson image

☆ | dylan is in trouble

He makes videos where he reacts and gives commentary on movies. He watches Disney Channel movies like High School Musical, classics as the Titanic, fantasy movies like the Harry Potter series and many more! His commentary is extremely accurate and he's honestly just a nice person to listen to.

☆ | fbe

This YouTube channel is truly awesome! My favorite videos are the teen reacts. They basically choose a topic (it can be a certain music video, a music artist, actor, album and so on) and let various teenagers or college students react on it. Sometimes they even let the famous person react on the reaction of the teens, which is quite funny as well.

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☆ | reacts by ash

This amazing girl does reactions on songs, music videos, albums and artists, and it's so entertaining to watch. I adored the video where she reacted on Julia Michaels' mini album Nervous System. Plus, her channel is a great way to discover new music!

☆ | the late late show with james cordon

James Cordon's carpool karaoke's are the best! For me, the one with Shawn Mendes is one of the greatest. I just love how James talks with famous people about intersting topics, lets them sing their hits and latest single, and go do crazy stuff with them all at once.

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☆ | bestdressed

If you're into fashion, this channel is for you! She puts together cute and fashionable outfits in only seconds, and it's such an easy way to reflect on your own clothes and style.

☆ | the ellen show

Who doesn't love Ellen, right? I think I like her videos where she just talks with celebrities (and sometimes attempts to scare them) the most. They are very laid-back but cool at the same time. Ellen's personality is extremely entertaining to watch as she hosts, so it's just easy to start watching her videos on YouTube.

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☆ | polandbananasbooks

It sounds like a weird name, I know, but this girl is honestly even more crazy than you can imagine. She's a booklover that makes original videos surrounding books and all the stuff that fit with it! You should definitely check her channel out if you're a crazy fangirl yourself.

☆ | the end

As you might have noticed, I love watching reaction videos, so if you know any YouTubers I might like as well, you can always send me a message.

Thank you for reading! Love, Paulien.


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