Dear boy-friend,
We have a long freaking history together. We almost grew up together. You were there playing with the guys and i was just watching everyone having fun,expecting to be liked when i didn't even talk. You were always there, that was the point. Even when i didn't talk you , you were the only one who seemed to make an effort talking to me. Thank you for that. Maybe that was the reason i liked you , romantically wise,in the first place. You made me feel special. Like i was a really beautiful person and i didn't deserve all the pain i have got through the years. You were one of the few people who made me feel like i was worth something. You were there listening on the other line on the phone laughing at my attempt to make a joke and how my life feli like a tragedy for once again.Even if you didn't know me that well you always gave me a small piece of your own sunlight. You think that you are a dark hole full of broken dreams and ''not good enough's'' ,but the truth is that you are full of hope. I see hope everytime i look at you in the eyes or when i talk to you on the phone .How can you not recognize this beautiful song? Hope has a melody that shoothes your ears and speaks to you like the sea does to your soul. You are one of the strongest people i've had the pleasure to know. Maybe our feelings are not mutual but it doesn't matter. You are a really important person to me and to the world and i wish you the best.
It feels like you are always going to be here,waiting for me to talk when in reality i am already waiting for you. Under any circumstances, you find your way back to me.Thank you. Thank you for seeing something in me. Thank you for everything. Thank you for being the greatest boy-friend.Thank you for making believe in friendships and trust once again.
An old friend
P.S. I believe in you

(Sorry for any mistakes)