Studying without a distraction, huh? Sounds like a joke.. haha. But it's possible, trust me.

1~ Listen to calm music to help you concentrate on your work. Don't go for the rock music and head banging. You'll end up jumping on your bed rather than staring at confusing content on your book. I suggest listening to Doo Piano on YouTube. Even if you don't like K-Pop, the piano will sweep you off your feet.

2~ Clear out and organize your work space. I would prefer studying in a library if it's close by and also the clutter-free environment helps a ton.

3~ Write down notes neatly. If you write in a troll handwriting with them huge ass letters going up and down the line, I don't think you'd be attracted to that mess. No offense.

4~ Use appealing colors and highlighters to help you pay attention to it. Y'know how Tom & Jerry smell the pie and they start floating in the air towards it. Ya, just like that.

5~ Make a simple schedule which has your day planned out and you'll know exactly when to study without having to mess up your chores with study time.

6~ At school, carry a journal to note down your homework and assignments and believe me when I say it, I have my assignments ready to submit, except for when I'm in my procrastinating mood. Lmao, someone make a guidebook on how to not procrastinate.

7~ This should be the most important tip out of all the tips you've come across. KEEP YOUR PHONE ON AIRPLANE MODE SWEETHEART or kiss your good grades bye-bye. It's only to avoid distractions, I'm not grounding you. ALSO, keep it away from your sight, it's gonna be a whole new game of staring contest between you, your book and cue dramatic music your phone.

OKAY KIDS, I hope y'all are prepared for good grades because these tips are scientifically proven to work unless you're someone like me... enough with the jokes, good luck for your tests or exams if y'all got 'em. Well I sure do. Being a freshman in high school sure does suck but meh. MID TERMS HERE I COME.