Honestly, this time of the year gets rough when I'm away at school. I don't get to go home to my family for Thanksgiving, and I'm super thankful my roommate's family invites me in each year, but it just isn't the same. In order to take my mind off of this, I'm creating this post to remind myself of the simple things in life that I may take for granted more often than I should. It's the little things, and unfortunately sometimes even the big things, that I overlook and forget how lucky I am to have had that experience or that opportunity.
If you want to get to know me a bit more, please continue, and if not I will leave you here. I am comfortable sharing the words that follow, however, at the end of the day, they're really written for myself.
-m xo

All I Am Thankful For (Or At Least The List That Comes To Mind)

  • The endless support I get from my family and friends
  • My parents supporting me through getting my education and making sure I'm able to do what makes me happy in the future
  • Being able to see the people that mean most to me live on stage four times over the span of their career (and my fave member once more after)
  • Those shows leading me to another group that has changed my life for the better and being able to see them
  • Being able to see my fave childhood band then and now, growing and developing with their music
  • The chance I got this year to see one of the final bands I wanted to see before I died live for free
  • Having an amazing job to go back to when I'm home on breaks from school
  • My cats at home that annoy me beyond belief, but my life is a little too quiet without them
  • My best friend at home who tolerates all of the shit I do and breakdowns I have
  • My close group of friends at school who have changed my life and made me love coming out here
  • The internet which gives me an outlet to speak on and has also introduced me to many great friends
  • All of my amazing teachers throughout my academic career that helped shape me into not only a good student, but the person I am today
  • Everyone who has never given up on me
  • The car that is considered mine in the months I spend at home
  • The fact that I didn't grow up in a big city, but I lived close enough to one that I got to experience it enough regularly
  • Being raised to be a kind, caring young woman who knows her self-worth and will not accept when she is given less
  • Having met one of the people that meant everything to me, and still holds a very special place in my heart


Cover Photo Credit: Me. That's some pollen we looked at in lab under the microscope... sounds lame, but doesn't it look neat??