This may be, my first and possibly last #article post here because i have my own website: and that dear reader is what we call, a valid #plug. But I just want to write using this #feature just once... to prove to myself and no one else, that I came through with the #promise to myself, that I would indefinitely #write some long drawn out paragraph about nothing whatsoever, however, it would speak volumes about my writing. Incomprehensible wording and lovely analogies, a lot of sarcasm and requires simple knowledge on the academic smarts. I've used big words and you probably think I'm writing proper grammatically correct lies. Truth is, I am. Or maybe I'm not. You'll find the answers at my site though. Possibly my Instagram. I keep my receipts under my imaginary bed also known as my work place, aka my sanctum sanctorium aka keeper of MY dreams. As the new guy, it is my job to f*&@#k up on the first day. It's part of my everlasting requirement.