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You got me, Hope. The most compelling in you is your mind.

As if you can not be both beautiful and strange!

When love overtakes a person, it is foolish to blame the wind.

My life is just different, it's my life, not someone else's, so I will save it for myself.

Does the person have the right to dream?

When someone hugs you in a dream and smiles at you, opening eyes, it's like a spark of love, you become happy from it.

I think you're afraid of happiness, Hope. Perhaps you are afraid that you will only taste it, but it will take and flow between the palms.

- You know? Since my father intends to show me his passion, then why should I not answer him in the same way?
- Do you want me to be someone your new woman?

Rivalry causes anger, and it - a source of creativity and energy.

Here the future is forged, and the future is sometimes scary.

I think that among thousands of people it is possible to recognize those who love each other as we are, those who also look innocently at the world, those who live in hope, those who doubt themselves, but not their loved ones.

You know, dear Josh, little moments of life are not so small.

To love is to never doubt the other.

The best way to remain invisible is to dissolve in the crowd.

Girls don't want to share their fathers with anyone.

- I want to believe that you love me precisely because I am a little crazy.
- And for that too.

Life and death is always a matter of time.

Happiness ultimately comes down to trifles.

... but even the most beautiful souls often wilt from beauty.

You know, Simon, moments of life are worth remembering.

Normality is deadly boring.

True love is to give away what you lack, without looking back and without fear.