2016, amazing, and angel image
Serena (means serene, calm)


blue, stars, and aesthetic image moon, night, and city image
Hypnos, god of sleep, and Selene, goddess of the moon


sky, clouds, and aesthetic image demon, black, and mind image hurt, moon, and sad image aesthetic, bed, and colorful image
goddess of dreams and nightmares, peace and fear


detail, white, and feathers image gold, wings, and feather image stars and wallpaper image pale and かわいい image
feathers and stars


girl, aesthetic, and tumblr image skin, aesthetic, and white image flowers, eye, and freckles image Abusive image
hair and eyes as black as the night sky, really pale skin, freckles


dress, galaxy, and fashion image dress and fashion image Temporarily removed dress, fashion, and black image
chanel, fashion, and style image Temporarily removed aesthetic, style, and tumblr image minimal, minimalist, and outfit image


Temporarily removed disappear, grunge, and quotes image Image by dayanaa beautiful, girl, and landscape image


boy, ginger, and aesthetic image flowers, aesthetic, and rose image
Ophion, god of nostalgy and memories
asian, blue, and model image book, aesthetic, and vintage image
Helene, goddess of creativity and imagination
girl, red, and ulzzang image grunge, quotes, and tumblr image
Diona, goddess of broken hearts and ilusions


Temporarily removed aesthetic, dark, and black image aesthetic, album, and alternative image aesthetic, alternative, and indie image stars, cosmos, and pale image dark, piano, and aesthetic image