girl, yellow, and style image icons image beauty, blue, and eye image girl, blonde, and vintage image
light blonde hair, fair skin, bluegrey eyes, soft features


Temporarily removed Image by αทαťҽɾɾα☼☽☆゚ tattoo, fox, and wolf image piercing, earrings, and hair image
long nails, meaningful tattoos, many ear piercings


fashion, outfit, and style image 1992, 90s, and beautiful image Image removed aesthetic, alternative, and asian image
cute, simple and trendy


Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Temporarily removed moon, stars, and accessories image
all over my body


witch image Temporarily removed fantasy, forest, and witch image Image removed
natural air and duplicate powers because of my zodiac sign (gemini) but can do any spells

Light or Dark? Both

dark, fantasy, and goth image witch, witchcraft, and magic image Image removed Temporarily removed
both beneficial in different scenarios

Type? Electic Witch

witch, quotes, and witchcraft image art, arte, and black&white image astronomy, model, and models image Image removed
inspired by the elements, nature, the solar system, and mythology

Source of magic and energy: Crystals and the moon

moon, space, and 3d image crystal, blue, and minerals image crystal, grunge, and hipster image moon, aesthetic, and alternative image
natural sources

My Familiar

fox, animal, and cute image animal, automn, and black image animal, fox, and cute image animal, fox, and cute image
a fox, of course. hence the tattoo ;)

Favorite Spells

harry potter, emma watson, and slytherin image harry potter, spell, and charm image harry potter, emma watson, and slytherin image harry potter, charm, and spell image

in collaboration with @priscilla51 as usual. Check out her work as well <3