inspired by:

One: Snow or Beach

girl and winter image snow, winter, and camera image
Snow, I love christmas and the vibe during the winter.

Two: Books or Movies

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I've been loving reading this year and who doesn't like movies so both. (as long as you read the book first)

Three: Sweet or Savory

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I'm usually not in the mood to eat sweet foods. Even if i am i have to chug milk after so savory.

Four: Dogs or Cats

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Dogs 100%, cats are ugly to me.

Five: Night in or Night out

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Night in, i don't really like going out at night, I like to be comfortable in my house at night reading, watching netflix or a movie.

Six: Spring or Fall

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Fall, I hate rain.

Seven: City or Countryside

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City, i don't really have a reason.

Eight: Sunset or sunrise

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Sunsets, sunrises are kinda boring. Sunsets are also nostalgic for me.

Nine: Summer or Winter?

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Winter, I love wearing sweatpants and sweatshirts, drinking tea and cuddling into a blanket. I also don't like when its too hot.

Ten: Sun or rain?

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Sun , we already established how i feel about rain.

Eleven: Day or night?

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Night, I love laying in my bed and letting my mind wonder.

Twelve: Burgers or Pizza?

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Burgers, pizza is good too.

Thirteen: Ice cream or Yogurt?

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I don't like ice cream that much so frozen yogurt.

Fourteen: Roses or Sunflowers?

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I love them both but roses. Never the red ones.

Fifteen: Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings?

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Ew neither

Sixteen: Freckles or Dimples?

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Freckles are nice but dimples are my weakness.

Seventeen: Black and white or colour?

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

Eighteen: Skirts or Pants?

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Pants all the way.

Nineteen: Leather or Denim?

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Denim, you can style it with almost anything.

Twenty: Sneakers or heels?

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Twenty-One: Drawing or Painting?

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Painting I love how free it is.

Twenty-Two: Pepsi or Coke?

Pepsi, neon, and light image Image by piggyblack

Twenty-Three: Early bird or Night owl?

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2 months ago i would've said night owl, but now i like to go to bed early and wake up early, So Early bird.

Twenty-Four: Chocolate or Vanilla?

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It 100% depends if I'm felling something sweet or something not so sweet.

That concludes part one, the rest will be up sometime in the future i don't know.