Hello beautiful people, i am officially super sad there is snow on the ground and it is cold out. i don't know about you but when it is cold out i tend to want to hid under the covers and not come out and the super sad part is that it is just going to keep getting colder out and i am just going to want to keep hiding under the covers. When i get in this mood and i happen to have the time I tend to want to have a spa day to try and forget that terrible weather. So here is the things i usually do on my spa days.

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- First i like to put a hair mask on and then put a shower cap on so my hair is out of my way. You can either make your own DIY version or just buy a hair mask from the store.

- Then i like to draw a hot bath and depending on my mood i will either put a bath bomb in or bubbles and sometimes i will put both in. Again you can make your own DIY stuff for your bath or buy some stuff. I love Lush bath bombs but who doesn't. (I also light some candles to make it more relaxing)

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- While i am in the bath i love to exfoliate my skin and make it super soft. I personally make my own scrubs because I like to personalize them but there
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- After my bath I apply lotion all over my body so i can put some moisture back into my body.
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- After i get done with lotion i like to put on super comfy clothes and head to my kitchen and make some tea.
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- Then I will head to my bedroom put some music on and paint my nails.
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- After my nails are dry i will write in my journal because after i get done writing I mentally feel better. Depending on how much i write my hands physically don't feel good because they hurt but it is all worth it.
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- Then i will either read a book or watch some Netflix.

so that is basically what i do when i want to have a spa day and hide away from the cold weather because I don't know about you but i really despise the cold.

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