Hello guys, today I saw a very fun challenge and I'm going to create a character from the book Hush Hush :3

Name: Mary Angel Cipriano.
Nickname: Mary A.
Age: 25 years old.

Who is Mary A.? She is a little sister of Patch Cipriano, is also an angel but not fallen from heaven.

Physical characteristics:

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She has a long brown hair, She has brown eyes but with the sun her eyes are clearer, her nose is very small and thin and also has great wings.


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She uses more the black color but she combines it with other light colors like pink, white, or brown, etc. She likes the leather jacket because for her is very cute and rude, Sometimes she wears heels, she likes to wear boots and tennis shoes.

She likes...

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She likes the fall season, she loves dogs because she thinks that they are very loyal and cute, her favorite music is the clasic and pop like Lana Del Rey, she loves read books anything type, sometimes when she is bored she draws also she love coffe and chocolate hot.

Family and friends:

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Her only family is her older brother's patch, but since he is not an archangel, she does not see him much.
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Mary A. is a little shy girl, she rarely visits Patch on earth and her only best friend is Nora. They have a very strong friendship, Mary A. sometimes tells Nora stories of her brother when they were children.

Love relationship:

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She was Rixon's girlfriend when he was still angel and friend of Patch. After rixon became a fallen angel he could not be with her anymore and he changed too, but she went ahead with her life.

And good guys I hope you liked this article, see you in the next byee!!