this is an article of everything, if that makes any sense aha, its like me ranting about everything, from music to makeup, sooo yeahhhh :)

So since I said music lets start with thattttt
I'm always kind of late to the party with new music but Shawn Mendes album is soooooo good, I love the songs; In My Book, Lost In Japan, and Particular Taste. They're honestly soooo good, and I've also already started listening to Christmas songs aha I guess you could say i'm a little excited

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I had a great day yesterday, it was probably one of the best days of my life tbh
I got to hang out with my best friend he's the best, and my other really good friend/cousin!!! We walked around all day we went to Tims for lunch then just hung out at his house and my cousin and I did his makeup and nails, it was pretty funny!
I don't think I would change that day for anything in the world :)

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I really want a change right now tbh, I know a lot is changing already like I'm painting my room and stuff but I need a change for my personal self, so i'm getting a hair cut, i'm thinking of getting bangs but i'm not sure if they'll look good or not on me aha

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There's so many things I want to do right now, but I feel like I don't have time if that makes sense?? I already have to be able to go to school, study for my midterms coming up, do my homework, get 8-10 hours of sleep, workout, be social, have me time to relax, and eat healthy!!! I don't know how i'm supposed to do that all, you honestly can only pick like 3 things, even though you need all of them to have a good healthy life...
heres a list of things I want to do

  • get a hair cut
  • get a piercing/ nose or tongue?? idk people keep telling me not too sooo who knows
  • explore my city
  • workout more ( I do workout just not as much as I'd like too)
  • learn to do makeup better (I'm pre sure I've said this before, but I still suck)
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thats all I really have for now but I think its good to start off with aha

I think i'm going to start walking to Tim Hortons after school to do homework, and then getting my dad to pick me up on his way back from work, because once I get home after school I always end up not doing my homework, saying ill do it later because i'm at home and I just want to lay down, so maybe this will make me actually do work!

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okayy, well that's all I have for nowww I don't know if I'll do another one of these, but I enjoyed making thissss

love, mads ♡