Hello Lovely's! Today i'm going to be showing you my skin care routine. Keep in mind these products may not work for because everyone's skin is different. If you want to find a new skincare routine or are just curious keep reading :-).

Step 1:

Most of the time I just wear mascara, highlighter and maybe some concealer (depending on if i have any pimples or dark circles.) I like to use coconut oil (just one from the supermarket) as it basically dissolves all my makeup so quickly. I prefer using coconut oil around my eyes because I notice that makeup wipes really irritate my eyes. After all my makeup is dissolved i go ahead and wipe the coconut oil off my face gently.

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Step 2:

I go ahead and use my Neutrogena oil-free acne wash cleanser and gently rub it into my skin until the product has turned white.

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Step 3:
About once a week I exfoliate my face with the St. Ives Apricot Scrub.

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Step 4:

Then with a cotton pad I tone my face with some Witch Hazel. If i'm going to use a face mask it is very important to prep your skin with toner before using a face mask so that your skin takes in all of the good ingredients from the face mask.

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Step 5:
Also around once a week I love to do face masks, they make my skin glowy and fresh. I love to use sheet masks and sometimes clay masks :). With sheet masks I like to put them in the fridge so that they're nice and cooling on my skin when its time to put the mask on. Also I love to use the left over serum in the sheet mask packages on my skin as it makes my skin 10x more glowy!

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Step 6:
Then I go ahead and apply some moisturiser to my face so that my skin is nice and hydrated.

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Step 7:

If i have any pimple i use Benzoyl Peroxide pimple cream which has helped my skin a lot! Very grateful for this product :).

Step 8:

Finally we are up to the final step! I love to use my Mario Badescu Facial spray with rose water. Being completely honest i'm not sure if this does anything but i notice that this makes my skin nice and glowy which i love (as you can tell from reading this article.)

mario badescu and rosewater image

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and I hope it was helpful!