Dear God,

Thank You so much Lord for pursuing me after I've turned you down so many times. I pray, Lord, that You help me to hear Your voice when You're speaking to me. I pray for confidence in what You ask/tell me.

Sometimes I listen too closely to what others say about me and what they think I should do. I take their words to heart instead of Yours and for that I'm sorry. You are the one with my best interest at heart. You know me inside and out, you know what's best for me.

From now on, I will seek Your words over my life. I will seek Your wisdom and encouragement more than others. I will seek Your presence. I want my relationship with You to be the best relationship I have.

I ask that You guide me in our relationship and teach me how to love You better. I also ask that You help me accept Your love and understand it more and more, day by day.

I thank You again for all that You have done for me and everything You've put into creating me and helping me. I Love You!

In Jesus's Name,

Hello! I hope You enjoyed this letter.

I love you and more importantly God loves you!

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