He looks at me like I’m the only girl in the world, but then I realized he did that to every other girl. It’s like he loves me for a second but then it vanishes into nothing. It doesn’t matter because I’ll take whatever I can get from you. You make me feel happy, you lift my mood to happiness whenever you talk, or when I just see you. You’re my weakness, and that’s why I can’t get closer to you. That’s why I can’t be happy around you, I need to let go of these feelings. They’re not good for me, like you’re not good for me. But why are you still here? Shouldn’t you be tired of me already, everyone else is. So why not you? Why are you so different than any other person I’ve met? Only god knows, and I’m not allowed to know yet. Hopefully my feelings disappear of thanksgiving break so I don’t have to suffer through these feelings again. I have to remind myself that you already have someone. Someone who most likely loves you more than I ever will. Someone who’ll take care of you, and someone who you let into help you. At the same time though, i wish that someone was me.