I thought this tag seemed really cool so here i am...

1) vmin or vkook?

bts, jungkook, and vkook image vkook, bts, and taekook image

2) JKcover: "paper hearts" or "2U"?

album art, cover, and paper hearts image jungkook and bts image
paper hearts

3) "Base line" or "Hangsang"?

idol, korean, and kpop image Image by .

4) "Love Yourself: Tear" or "Love Yourself: Her"

bts, aesthetic, and album image album, love yourself tear, and beige image
love yourself: tear

5) "Stigma" or "Singularity"

Image removed army, wings, and jhope image

6) "House of Cards" or "Love is not Over"

Image removed k-pop, v, and vocal image
house of cards

7) "Boy meets Evil" or "Wings"

jhope, bts, and bangtan image dance, gif, and k-pop image
boy meets evil

8) GCF; Osaka or Tokyo

v, gcf, and osaka image v, jimin, and gcf image

9) BTS on ellen first or second time?

meme, bts, and taehyung image ot7, family, and funny image

10) Yeontan with Jimin or Hobi ?

bts, jimin, and park jimin image memes bts, yeontan, and bts reacciones image

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