It is very difficult to explore yourself, to find in which aspects of your life you are wrong. What is that you truly want to do for your personal hapiness.

In this period of time i'm trying to find my balance. I begun to practice in yoga. And i see results in my life, when it comes to my spirituality. I feel more relaxed and all the anxiety and the negative feelings pass away. I feel that i control better my body, my breath, and my thoughts. And i have the need to meditate and look inside me to find the answers for my questions about my truly needs and prayers.

In this practice, you are very concentrated, you feel relaxed and generous, and you want to be a better person. In this part you are thinking about your current life and you see obviously the reasons that make you feel all of that negative and stressful feelings. And sometimes it's hard to face your truths and your fears that create you blockages in your life.

Yoga helps us to discover our spiritual and natural body and balance them. Beyond mental health offers you body strength and a healthier way of life.

Remember that: ''It's all about balance" and yoga is a very good option to fulfil it.

With love~