So HI I ´m Anna and this is my first article. First I´m sorry my English is not that good because I´m from Germany.
I have been using WHI for more than 4 years now and I think it´s time for you to know me. But to be honest I am a bit scared of your reaction.

So I´m 18 years old and live in Germany.
At the moment I´m doing a training in a hotel. But my biggest dream is to study Fashion.

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Because I work a lot I don´t have much free time but I love to draw/ sketch.

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Mostly I work with aquarelle.

My favorite thing in the world is reading.

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And finally my Idol is Luanna Perez. She is my inspiration and a big part of my life.

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She is a strong and beautiful woman.

I hope you like the article. I will write more soon. To share my interests and inspirations with you.

Love you all.