Hey Guys! So this is my ABC music tag, I think you all know how it works. So I'll just dive straight in.
Enjoy it!

- *A* Arabella by Arctic Monkeys

Temporarily removed arctic monkeys, alex turner, and arabella image arctic monkeys, music, and am image lips, quotes, and galaxy image

- *B* Bloom Later by Jesse Rutherford

jesse rutherford and thenbhd image alternative, lilac, and Lyrics image Lyrics, music, and jesse rutherford image Temporarily removed

- *C* Colors by Halsey

halsey, quotes, and colors image aesthetic, art, and colors image colors, song, and wallpaper image halsey and aesthetic image

- *D* Do You Remember by Jarryd James

do you remember and jarryd james image Temporarily removed do you remember, stay, and love image card, do you remember, and hard image

- *E* Every Other Freckle by Alt-j

cat, beanbag, and alt-j image girl image Image removed Image by Kany

- *F* For Elise by Saint Motel

Temporarily removed saint motel, aesthetic, and music image Image removed Temporarily removed

- *G* Girls/Girls/Boys by Panic! at the Disco

boy, lgbt, and panic! at the disco image panic! at the disco image brendon urie, panic! at the disco, and patd image brendon urie, P!ATD, and panic! at the disco image

- *H* Hopeless by Khalid

Temporarily removed bae, celebrities, and location image artist, badass, and beautiful image khalid and american teen image

- *I* idontwannabeyouanymore by Billie Eilish

Image removed quotes and wallpaper image edit, girl, and wallpaper image billie eilish, dont smile at me, and red image

- *J* Japan by Rex Orange County

rex orange county image rex orange county and clairo image my boyfriend and rex orange county image rex orange county image

- *K* Kiwi by Harry Styles

background, kiwi, and Lyrics image Harry Styles, kiwi, and one direction image Temporarily removed Harry Styles, kiwi, and gif image

- *L* Lemon Boy by Cavetown

ukulele image cavetown, moon, and music image yellow, lemon, and aesthetic image art, Collage, and boy image

- *M* Mariners Apartment Complex by Lana Del Rey

apartment, beauty, and black and white image apartment, beauty, and black and white image lana del rey, lana, and aesthetic image Image removed

- *N* NFWMB by Hozier

Temporarily removed aesthetic and music image hozier image decor, room, and vinyl image

- *O* Ophelia by The Lumineers

music, ophelia, and the lumineers image aesthetic, americana, and artist image cleopatra, flowers, and folk image Lyrics, ophelia, and quotes image

- *P* Paris in the Rain by Lauv

in, Lyrics, and music image paris, france, and city image lauv image Temporarily removed

- *Q* Queen by Shawn Mendes

Image removed shawn mendes image shawn mendes, boy, and shawn image Temporarily removed

- *R* Redbone by Childish Gambino

Mature image album, music, and redbone image Temporarily removed Inspiring Image on We Heart It

- *S* Sadderdaze by The Neighbourhood

days, Lyrics, and music image Temporarily removed Image removed album, music, and the neighbourhood image

- *T* Tears Dy On Their Own by Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse, blackandwhite, and rehab image Temporarily removed Amy Winehouse, music, and Lyrics image Image removed

- *U* Uma Thurman by Fall Out Boy

pulp fiction, uma thurman, and movie image fall out boy, music, and uma thurman image fall out boy image Image removed

- *V* Vienna by Billie Joel

black and white, quotes, and slow down image billy joel image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

- *W* What a Heavenly Way To Die by Troye Sivan

yellow, aesthetic, and boy image Image removed Image by rexivil flowers, troye sivan, and blue image

- *X* X & Y by Coldplay

Image removed coldplay, xandy, and x&y image autograph, coldplay, and glory image Chris Martin, coldplay, and funny image

- *Y* Young & Unafraid by The Moth & The Flame

Image removed good music, young & unafraid, and the moth & the flame image astronaut, space, and woman image and, flame, and moth image

- *Z* Zero by Imagine Dragons

chaos, dragons, and feel image Image removed evolve, imagine dragons, and dan reynolds image grunge, Lyrics, and record image

Well guys, this was my ABC music tag, I hope you like it as much as I liked picking the songs and photos! (Which took me a lot of time to do, so i hope you really enjoyed it)
I hope you'l listen to these songs sometime :)
Thank you for reading!