1. Update wardrobe

clothes, fashion, and wardrobe image fashion, outfit, and style image

2. Winter photoshoot

winter, dog, and snow image Image by Best dudes

3. Build a fire

Temporarily removed winter, fire, and fireplace image

4. Build a snowman or make a snow angel

Image removed girls, happiness, and snow image

5. Make coco

coco, coffee, and cosy image Temporarily removed

6. Bake gingerbread cookies

christmas, winter, and holiday image christmas, Cookies, and winter image

7. Iceskating

girl, winter, and friends image couple, love, and winter image

8. Stay in and watch the snow fall

winter, snow, and christmas image Temporarily removed

9. Escape to the mountains

Temporarily removed girl, nature, and photography image

10. Find the perfect tree

snow, winter, and christmas image christmas, winter, and car image

11. Explore a new town

city, christmas, and snow image winter, snow, and travel image

12. Spend the night in a cabin

winter, snow, and christmas image home, bed, and bedroom image

13. Watch Christmas movies

christmas and movies image christmas, winter, and home alone image

14. Decorate the house

decor and winter image christmas, winter, and light image

15. Bubble bath

bath, water, and book image Temporarily removed

16. Paint your nails

nails, christmas, and winter image nails, pink, and winter image

17. Read, write, draw

coffee, drawing, and art image book, socks, and coffee image

18. Set up the christmas tree

Temporarily removed christmas, girl, and tree image
christmas, winter, and snow image

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