Not really a christmas wishlist, just a things I want/need wishlist

  • black sneakers
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I've been looking for like two months for black sneakers that I like and I guess they just don't exist. I mean, all I want are some all black sneakers with a little platform. The air max ones would be perfect but 1. I can't find it anywhere where I live, 2. Too expensive for me. I'm gonna end up getting the Adidas one that sadly don't have a platform but that's the only one I can afford and I like it.
  • bosch compact laser distance measure

I'm an architecture student and this is just something that would make my life a lot easier, it is something kinda expensive but it would last me a long long time.

  • clothes
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I want a few clothes: a rainbow striped top, I want those striped pants so much and also a black belt like that, I want some overalls, a printed button up shirt, a plain white t-shirt (believe it or not I don't have one), that guess t-shirt and graphic tees in general...
  • cool socks
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I love socks. I wear them everyday, to sleep, to go to class, to go out, I'm always wearing socks. That's kinda crazy since where I live is so hot. And I actually go to class wearing cool socks and slides and sometimes I want to dress up and I have no more shoes that matches my socks sooo I need those all black sneakers.
  • planner
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I'm one of those people that do bullet journal and all but since August I abandoned my bullet journal because I didn't have time to do things the way I wanted to. So, I decided that for the new year I will have a planner so that I only have to fill it up but I also want a cute notebook so that I can make lists and do more stuff that a planner won't have.
  • my favorite pens
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As I have said, I'm an architecture student and with that I became obssesed with pens and I also have lost them all so I need new ones. I want my black fineliners and some colored ones.
  • training shoes
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I don't exercise and I know I have to. But everytime I think about it I'm like 'but i have no shoes'. So I believe that if I buy the shoes I will be one step closer to going to the gym, going for a walk or whatever exercise I want to do.
  • a mascara
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I don't really wear any makeup, and when I do is only foundation, mascara and lipstick and I need a new mascara and it's not like this is a big thing, I just always forget to buy.
  • wallet
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My wallet broke. And now I want a new one. I want one that is not too big but is not as small as the one I have right now.
  • mouse pad
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As an architecture student I use a few programs that require a computer mouse but when I bought mine I did not get a mouse pad and it's been like a year of me using books and notebooks as mouse pads so I guess it's time for me to buy a mouse pad. And also I want a cute one.
  • mouse
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The one I have right now is too small and it's kinda uncomfortable to spend hours and hours using it. I also want to get a wireless one and that's it.
  • lollapalooza tickets
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SO, this one is my second biggest wish (the first is the black sneakers), I went in 2018 (this year) and it was amazing. And I think my favorite band -The 1975- is going to play so I need to go. The thing is 1. is too expensive, I have to get the tickets that are like super expensive, then I have to get airplane tickets because I live too far from the place where it happens and I have to pay for the hotel AND 2. I don't have anyone to go with me, I have friends that want to go but can't afford. But I really want to go and maybe I can afford it, especially if I find someone to go with me and if The 1975 really comes. And the reason I won't go alone is because my mom won't let me.
  • backpack
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I want a new backpack because mine is really old and don't have small pockets that fit my phone and that's it.
  • xbox one
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This one is actually going to be my brother's christmas gift but I also want it so I'm going to use it as well.
  • vegan recipes books
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I'm a vegetarian, I still eat cheese and that stuff and I want to eat vegan but I also want to better my eating (is that how you say it?) anyways I think recipe books would be very helpful especially sometimes when I have no idea what to eat and I end up eating pasta or grilled cheese or ordering pizza.