I love Supernatural, it's one of my favourite shows ever so I decided to do this tag or whatever it's called. Hope you like it! Enjoy!

Let's start!

Welcome to: Aurora Keating

My story:

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I was living a normal student life until one day I met a boy. He was so handsome and smart. But he told me there wouldn't be anything between us. I tought I was okay with that until I saw him again few months later and he told me that he loved me but his job is different and he is afraid for me. Despite that I decided to become a hunter and I became one of the best. Read more to find out who the boy is.

My appearance:

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My style:

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My personality:

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My best friends:

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My top three best friends then there's Castiel, Crowley and Rowena.

My love:

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Dean Winchester.

Our relationship:

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Well that's it. Hope you like it! I might write part 2. We'll see.