Hi dears, today I decided to do this tag because I read a article about it. I love the vampire diaries so much that I couldn't help, I had to do it!
Before you started to read all my ansewrs I just want to apologize if I spell some words wrong, I'm portuguese and I'm learning.

If you never saw the vampire diaries, you're wasting your time in the wrong way! it's my favorite tv show, and I think you should give it a chance if you love romance, action and supernatural things.

1. How did you discover the show?

I always heard about this couple: Stelena.I used to follow a lot of fan accounts of them because I thought they were cute. I started to search for Stelena and I end up founding the show.

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2. Who is your favorite character?

I can't decide between them. My favorite characters are Katherine Pierce and Kai Parker.

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I have my reasons.
I've always liked the villains more than the good ones. I think it's because of the way they make me feel. They make me feel powerfull emotions, they give me the encouragement to be epic and be memorable. Unstoppable.

I love Katherine since the first time I saw her. My favorite scene is the " Hello John, Goodbye John. ". She is a survivor. She puts herself in first place, she doesn't trust nobody, she doesn't need anyone. Independent, powefull, beautiful, epic.

And Kai is thar one character that you know is going to be awesome. He gives the story life when it's just boring. He doesn't have feelings and does everything to survive. He lives his best life. He is sarcastic, smart, handsome, lovely.

3. Favourite couple.

Klaroline for sure. Since the first scene together I knew they would be a great couple. But I ship Benzo ( Bonnie and Enzo ), they deserved better, so much better.

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Both of this couples deserved more.
I think Tyler and Liv were a cute couple too.
I also wish that Jenna would come back from the death, she and Alaric were kinda like parents to Elena and Jeremy.
[ I know that Kol and Davina are from The Originals but they were soulmates. ]

4. Least favourite couple.

Caroline and Matt. Even though at first they kinda understood each other, I think they were together because they were afraid to be alone. He is a great boy but I don't think he treated her right, because he never accept her the way she was ( an vampire ).

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5. Team Damon or Team Stefan?

Team Damon since the first " Hello Brother ".
Like I said before, I always like the villains more. I love Stefan too, he is incredible, but Damon was my first crush on the show.

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6. If you were a vampire, would you drink Human or Animal blood?

Human blood, but I would have self control. I think it gives you more pleasure when it comes from the vein. And it's a little more dangerous.

7. Character you hate the most.

Lily Salvatore, ( but I love the actress ).
She was really weak. Lily always wanted to defend her family but she end up forgetting her real family. I know that to be family doesn't need to have the same blood and all that stuff, but Stefan and Damon would do anything for her and she betrayed them. She was only worry about herself and her group that she called " family ".

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8. Favourite season.

Season 2 and season 6.
Both of my characters are in these seasons. Katherine in season 2, and Kai in season 6.

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9. Favourite Family.

Gilbert Family, because they were loyal to each other. And when I say Gilbert family, I'm also talking about Alaric because he was like a father to Elena and Jeremy when they lost Jenna.

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( In this picture doesn't show the whole family )

Love like a Gilbert.

10. Favourite Villain.

Kai Parker, always and forever.

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11. Favourite friendship.

Even if sometimes they were fighting and killing each other, they were loyal. They were partners in crime and friends for life.

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12. Scene that made me cry.

The last dance had me in tears. They only wanted a life together and destiny was always messing up their plans.

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13. Character who deserved better.

I think Anna Jow deserved so much better. I actually think that she and Jeremy made a really cute couple, they had chemistry. I always wished that in the end they would end up together.
She was so sweet and kind. Anna felt alone and Jeremy was the only one who understood her. He accept her. He wanted to live a imortal life with her.

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14. Human or Vampire Elena?

Vampire Elena. She was too boring when she was human. But I also liked her as human, but her vampire side was full of energy, adventure and passion.

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15. Human or Vampire Caroline?

Is that even a question? Vampire!
She needed to grow up. She gave to herself so much value after that she was turned. Caroline not only was turned into a vampire but also into a woman.

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16. Elena or Katherine?

k a t h e r i n e

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17. Vampire, werewolf, hybrid or witch?

Probably vampire. I think it's so sexy and sassy. It makes me go more crazy and passion over everything. I love emotions and I know that if I was a vampire I would feel them extremely. I would love feel powerfull, passionante, independent and manipulative.

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18. Your crush.

Kai Parker.

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19. The Vampire Diaries or The Originals?

The Vampire Diaries.
I also love the originals, but not as much as tvd. It was the first show that I ever watched, and I think I will never stop loving it. But now I'm watching Legacies and I'm liking it, but nothing compares to tvd.