Okey, so these are all make up looks that can be verry natural, but also with a little extra touches a easy full face of make up look

The base

So I hate primer so I only use moituriser. But that depends on you.
For the base either you don´t use any make up whatsoever, or simply BB Cream.

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So this also depends on your eyebrows. I have dark brows, that I don´t nessecearly need to fill in. If you want too keep the make up more natural (and you need to), just fill them in a little.

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First Categorie: Eyeliner
Look 1:
- brown eyeliner (kajal)
- brown mascara

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additional: light brown eyeshadow

Look 2:
- red eyeliner (if you don´t have one, use lip liner/ lipstick and a eyeliner or eyebrowbrush)
- black mascara

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note: with this eyelook i´d definetly do my eyebrows and use some concealer/ BB Cream

Look 3:
- black eyeliner
- black mascara
(verr basic, I know, but it had to be included)

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Look: 4
- silver/ gold eyeliner (use liquid eyeshadow and an eyeliner/ eyebrow brush)
- black/ brown mascara

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note: pretty much every shimmery color works here

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Look 5 :
- eyeshadow (natural color)
- brown mascara

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Second categorie: Bold Lips
Look 6:
- brown mascara
- nude matt lipstick

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note: matt lipstick makes the lips look bigger, so if you have smaller/slimmer lips this is for you :)
also, lipstick often looks weird when you don´t wear any make up /BB Cream, except for when you have really good skin
Additional: brown eyeshadow, brown eyeliner

Look 7:
-redish nude lip
-brown mascara
(- eyeshadow,eyeliner)

lips, skin, and aesthetic image girl, model, and beauty image

Look 8:
- glossy lip
- light eyemake up in a matching color

lips, aesthetic, and glitter image girl, aesthetic, and makeup image lips, makeup, and lipstick image Image by .vous`oui◦

note: you can also wear a lipstic in a natural shade underneath

Third categorie: little extras
Look 9:
-shimmery eyeshadow blended around the eyes (also on
lower line)
-brown mascara

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Look 10:
okey so there are a lot of other more unique looks,
instead of listing all of them here are two colltections that are pretty great: