Aloha! It's been a tough week for me since final exams have started for me (In Argentina the system is inverted as we're in Spring over here) and I still have one more week upcoming, so I decided to take a break from studying to try to motivate me to study by looking foward to what I'll do when they're over.

1. Read some books.

I'm a huge reader but lately I've been off reading (I could call it a dump already, it's been a couple of months, my last not school related reading session was on September, and June before that) due to school. I hope to enjoy some readings as soon as they're over.

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Want me to do a review on my next book? It'll probably be some Dan Brown novel but I'm not sure yet.

2. Keep writing my drafts.

I've been so busy with school with IB subjects draining the life out of me and I don't touch a single draft since the release of Ariana Grande's Sweetener more or less. I'll go back to draft 2 of The Chosen One, maybe some Of Writers and Coffee chapters and of course Of Captains and Comets, Leire Varela's story. Been thinking about a new story involving a murder in Aitana, maybe I'll work on that as well.

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If I happen to write a controversial or complex chapter or poem, I'll write a "my thoughts on x" to give you my point of view about what I did and what I intended to transmit or show with it, what will probably happen if I write whatever I write. I'll probably start with a The Chosen One because I know that's about to be on the table.

3. I seriously miss watching Netflix.

I'm still on season 6 of Suits, I mean! And I haven't seen any Halloween release or a single movie lately (though I did make an exception for the new Fantastic Beasts one, it was great!) and I need my Christmas classics on.

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Any Netflix shows to recommend me?

4. Hang out with friends.

Pool parties are due to start when exams finish, and I'm more than excited for it. Maybe even some Karaoke parties! And Uno is like a must.

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5. Swimming.

I'm taking advantage of swimming classes during sports hour but we honestly swim like half an hour and then play waterpolo which, although fun, isn't as exhausting as swimming intensively. Wanna practice my american flips!

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6. Maybe get some guitar lessons?

I need some CAS projects and I own a guitar that I never learnt to play. Would be fun!

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CAS is the acronym for Creativity, Activity, Service; a compulsory folder for the IB diploma in which you have to do projects.

7. Prepare my 2019 Bullet Journal.

On my trip to Paris I actually bought an official Bullet Journal notebook and I want to start 2019 with the left feet (I'm a lefty so that would be like your right feet in my logic), so planning the year seems fun!

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For more Bullet Journal inspiration

8. Marvel marathon.

I miss Earth's mightiest heroes! And with the huge amount of movies coming out next year, I don't think I'll be able to binge watch all the films before the new releases. Captain Marvel is due to be marvellous.

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9. Photoshoot perhaps?

I might do some shoots with a friend who bought a new camera and wants to try it out, but nothing is confirmed, so there's that.

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10. Spend some time with my family.

Due to exams I've been locked in my room just wanting to die and studying hard and I want to be with them a lot.

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Yeah, I'm way more motivated to study Maths now. Wish me luck on this exam week! Hope you enjoyed this article, I'll be back next Saturday!

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