hi guys!! i don't know why but this year i am very excited for christmas!!
here is my 2018 christmas list to give you some ideas, hope u like it.

1| books

Inspiring Image on We Heart It book and place image

2| embroidery

Image removed aesthetic, art, and craft image
aaaaa this is so fucking cool

3| art supplies

art, paint, and hands image art, paint, and painting image

4| mug

book, tea, and coffee image coffee image

5| squishy

Temporarily removed gif, satisfying, and grip image

6| pop funko| stranger things

eleven, games, and photography image art, books, and eleven image

7| cactus

flowers image cactus, plants, and indie image

8| necklace

bijoux, doré, and golden image moon, necklace, and gold image

*9| candles

candle, light, and pink image candle image
i have a problem with candles jesus

10| snow globe

vintage image Temporarily removed

11| stuffed animals

cute, aesthetic, and cat image
omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg

12| art journal

journal, art, and bullet journal image Temporarily removed

13| computer stickers

yellow, aesthetic, and laptop image apple and sticker image

14| lights

Image removed stars, light, and tree image

15| makeup

makeup, beauty, and cosmetics image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

thank u so much for reading ♡