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Dear Beautiful You,

His voice isn't there to tell me what I want to hear. His voice tells me the truth, even when I don't want to hear it.

It's a process to learn to understand the role the voice of God plays in your life. In my life it has been a journey already. And, let me tell you, I'm just getting started.

What I Thought God Said...

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I've been disappointed when I really believed God said something and it just didn't happen. I started questioning God Himself. But after that I realized it wasn't His voice at all. His voice isn't there to tell me what I want to hear. His voice tells me the truth, even when I don't want to hear it. And it sets me free every time again. His voice is so gentle. His voice is freeing. His voice is overwhelming at times, but I need to hear the truth again and again.

What God really Said..

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After the moment where I got so disappointed, I didn't try to hear Gods voice anymore. I used to go sit down and ask God "speak to me, I'm listening." Then I started writing down every word I heard. The disappointment stopped me for a few days to go back to this place where God could speak. Let me be real with you: when you write down what God speaks there are moments where you listen wrong. You listen to your own desires instead of His. When I did this, I was done.

Then I turned back to Him..

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I missed God. I missed His presence. I had to go back. So, I went back to God asking Him to speak. He told me about someone I believed would fulfill a big part in my life. He said "he's just a preparation." So, I started praying "God, take away anything from my heart that's wrong. Come with more of Your presence in my life,"
Now, I'm back at getting closer to God. And I've learned that in the moments where I let go of control and when I start to listen to God, that it's better for me.

I Encourage You To Listen

Seek Him again. Ask God what He wants to speak to you. Listen to whatever He has to say. Don't believe the enemy who lies to you that God doesn't love you. Don't believe his false words when you ask God to speak. Sometimes it helps me to listen to worshipmusic when I ask God to speak. Other times I first pray that the enemy leaves.
If you want to, here's a worshipsong. Listen to it and ask God to speak. Write down what He says. Put today's date on it. And start doing this more often. It will grow your relationship with God.

"It's not in your push. It's in your position." ~ Steffany Gretzinger

Feel free to send me a message or a question about God!

God bless!