hey everyone, here are some outfits and makeup looks to try according to your star sign


Temporarily removed Image removed Temporarily removed pink, aesthetic, and glasses image
passion, energy, initiative


girl, fashion, and green image Temporarily removed necklace, accessories, and girl image black, boots, and shoes image
growth, spirit, nature


Temporarily removed Image by Peter_Pan denim, vintage, and yellow image fashion, style, and earrings image
inspiration, curiosity, upbeat


Temporarily removed fashion, style, and outfit image necklace, silver, and jewellery image fashion, style, and aesthetic image
intuition, understanding, sensitivity


goal, tumblr, and fashion image chain, outfit, and pants image aesthetic, grunge, and glasses image fashion, style, and outfit image
strength, optimism, generosity


fashion, earrings, and style image fashion, style, and outfit image fashion, autumn, and fall image flowers, style, and aesthetic image
stability, support, improvement


Temporarily removed fashion, outfit, and style image Image by - Temporarily removed
clarity, balance, loving


black, shoes, and aesthetic image pearls, aesthetic, and choker image Temporarily removed photography and girl image
transformation, mystery, inquisitive


Mature image purple, fashion, and glasses image hair, purple, and hairstyle image fashion, outfit, and style image
awareness, openness, enlightenment


Inspiring Image on We Heart It etsy, sterling silver, and sterlingsilver  image fashion, style, and grey image Image removed
solidarity, reliability, determination


fashion, blue, and style image aesthetic, alternative, and pale image top image aesthetic, blue, and socks image
balance, energy, experimentation


Image by - aesthetic, accessories, and chic image black, style, and white image aesthetic, alternative, and indie image
renewal, inspiration, healing

thanks for reading!
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