If you like to photograph portraits specially and you have a black and white theme and you don't know what makeup you should suggest to your model, I'm here for you. I study aesthetics & cosmetology so I know some things about it.


1. You put your base as you always do foundation, concealer, and powder of course. Prefer stick foundation and compact powder to make your make up stay and the face looking flawless in the photo.

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2. Because photography is black and white of course we need more product than the usual and I'm talking about bronzer and contour. So, you make them more intense than in the photo gonna look like great. Careful, if your model has already angles because that she looks like you don't have to put any bronzer or contour because we want the face clear in the photo.

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3. The main subject, of course, is the eyes and that is the only part of your face who you should pay attention more in black and white photos. You make your eyes more intense you should definitely put a black eyeshadow in the out corner and blending a little bit in the bone of your eye to inside. You gonna put more black eyeshadow a few times to make your look more and more intense and then take a white or white-beige eyeshadow in the part of the eye who doesn't have black eyeshadow and to clear under the bone some edges from the black eyeshadow.

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Only matte shades, not shimmer.

4. Another step for the eyes is the eyeliner you put very close to your eyelashes up and down but no too much, be careful we want a very thick line. A lot of mascara for the end of the eye look.

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5. The last step is the lips who you can color them with dark brown lipliner and dark lipstick above it or red lipliner and above it red lipstick. Also if you like glosses you can put a little bit in the center of your lips.

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