Hey guys!

So as I promised, here are my tips on how to get better at blogging. Well it's mostly based on articles on WeHeartIt.

1. Why do you want to blog?

If you’re just looking for a fast way to get rich and famous, then blogging is not for you. Getting to the point where you can call yourself a successful blogger takes time. It doesn’t happen overnight.

You need to ask yourself “Why do I want to blog?” and “Does doing it make me happy?”. If you don’t know why and if it’s not making you happy then it’s probably not for you. You need to have clear goals set up for yourself and work hard to complete them.

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2 Decide what to blog/ write about.

Don’t be greedy. Instead of writing about everything and anything, find one thing (for example beauty, fashion, sports etc..) and become the best in that field. Plus, if your readers see that you’re mainly writing about idk food and they follow your blog because of that, then you posting an article about football won’t really spark their interest. 

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I mean theyre both delicious, but it doesnt really make sense.

3 Research.

You want to make sure that you know all about the topic you want to write about before actually writing it. Research can help you with inspiration and basically makes you look smarter. Put yourself in the readers shoes, if you were them you probably wouldn waste your time on a blog post thats talking about nonsense that you know isn't true.

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4. Be consistent.

It’s pretty selfexplanatory if you post just one blog post and give up then your readers will give up on your blog too. I’m not saying post every day, but post at least once a week or two times a month. It will show that you’re serious about blogging and bring you more recognition.

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5. Be original.

Let’s be real, you probably wouldn’t want to read the same thing over and over again just on different blogs. You need to be original, and also honest. Talk about your opinion on things, make the reader’s trust you. Originality is like a breath of fresh air after breathing stuffy and smelly air for a long time. Research, aka tip number 3, can help you with originality.

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6. Go for quality not quantity.

Sometimes writing a short blog post that is well written is better than writing a three page long post that isn’t interesting and that the reader probably won’t even read till the end. So writing a short, interesting blog post will probably do you more good than harm. And when you think about it, people are pretty busy so once they see how long the post is they’ll just look for a shorter one. Remember, quality over quantity.

7. Use good photos.

This one is especially useful for WeHeartIt articles. It can be quite boring to just stare at words with no visual representation of the things you’re writing about. Pictures are nice to look at and they also make people remember stuff better. If you’re writing about something more beauty or fashion related, try to use aesthetically pleasing photos that go well with the theme of your post.

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SOO, that’s all I have to say about blogging. keep in mind that I’m no professional and some of these tips may not be the best, but they work okay for me. Thanks so much for reading and ily all!

Also, if you need help with the pictures part here are some of my collections, I try my best to make them as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

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