I'm feeling a little weird now. It's like in my head I have all these amazing ideas for the future but then a little voice (called reality) makes me realize those dreams will never come true. I'm feeling a little downcast if you didn't tell, I just had a dose of reality and felt frustrated. Let me explain. I have really good imagination. You may think this is good, but no, not always. For example, something small happens: some guy talks to me and, without wanting, I immediately start fantasizing. And in my head this is all really nice. But then, reality strucks, and my happy dreams turn into ashes leaving a feeling of emptyness behind, and I get sad.

I'm trying to figure out life. What do I have to do? I sometimes get this feeling that I'm not supposed to be this way or to act this way so I get frustrated. I don't know if you can relate. My head is fillled with a lifestyle that isn't real. Something like this happened to me a while ago. The root of my frustration is social media. I follow this bloggers who have such a nice life. They have all the time in the world to cook, workout and do the things they love. And I picture myself leaving their 'perfect' lifes as well, but then again, the reality is that that life isn't gonna happen to me (if this makes any sense). At least not in the near future.

So right now, my goal should be to study as much as I can, graduate and live the life I love (I'm not even sure if that is the life I want but it certainly looks really nice). Maybe I should quit social media for a while, so that I can start appreciating again what I have.

I just feel that something missing and I want to figure out what it is. Where will I work? What does the future have for me? What am I supposed to do now? What is my place in this world?

I'll keep you posted. Let's see if I figure things out.