Hello everyone!

I'm Diana and welcome to my very first article here. I'm going to show you some gifts ideas for your friends or for any other person. Enjoy!

  • scented candles
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everyone who loves (scented) candles will love this gift!
  • photo book
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it can be a (selfmade) photo book of a band, singer etc or of you and your friend
  • mugs
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mugs with cute pictures on it or with quotes are such a sweet gift idea. especially for tea lovers
  • body spray
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almost every girl loves body sprays and i think it's an amazing gift idea
  • gift cards
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a classic gift idea but so lovely
  • the body shop stuff
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context_query=the+body+shop+aesthetic&context_type=search i love the body shop and it has one of the best skincare products and they smell so good
  • cute pens
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a must-have for anyone who loves to take cute notes
  • cd of their favorite band or singer
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i don't know a single person who wouldn't be happy to receive such a gift
  • books
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books are so fun to read and it's a healthy and good thing to do, too
  • accessoires
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accessoires are a very good way to spice up your outfit
  • paintings or drawings
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if you can paint or draw very well then go ahead and paint something that would make your friend happy
  • a playlist
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create a playlist based on their personality, hobbies or songs that start with the first letter of their name. (but they should fit the person's taste) it's a very personal gift that no one else owns
  • their favorite snacks
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food is life, no explanation needed
  • a new phone case
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everyone needs a cute phone case. you can buy one or make one yourself, for example with lovely stickers
  • make up
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many girls love to wear make up, especially high end products

That's it, I hope you enjoyed it! See you, xx