Name: Ophelia
Age: 127, but looks 18

gif, fantasy, and pan's labyrinth image


red hair and my hir image eye, eyes, and grunge image hand, pale, and skin image Image removed
redhead, violet eyes, pale skin


Image by Pavel Liliana Image removed Image removed dress, fashion, and black image
comfy but sofisticated dresses


beige, black, and brown image city, quotes, and travel image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
serious, determinated, dreamy, melancolic, a night owl, sofisticated


books and novel image dance, music, and couple image stars, wallpaper, and black image aesthetic, flowers, and green image
flowers and plants, constelations, the sky, tea, music, books


aesthetic, dreams, and night image Temporarily removed Image removed quotes, dark, and pain image
she does lots of different things, her principal speciality is reading people dreams, but she knows about herbology and astrology too, she can read the tarot and knows how to make lots of spells and potions


witchcraft image leaves image Temporarily removed aesthetic, altar, and autumn image


hands, sun, and water image Image removed dolphin, animal, and nature image beach, water, and sea image


cat paws, lovely, and meow image aesthetic, cat, and chat image cat, eyes, and ginger image cat paws, lovely, and meow image
a ginger cat named Melf


lake, nature, and Swan image house, nature, and lake image house, home, and nature image forest, home, and house image
a chalet in the middle of a forest, on the edge of a lake


Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Image removed witch and quotes image Temporarily removed wallpaper, pale, and quotes image


Temporarily removed gif image sea, water, and ocean image Image by Sharmeeyn♡Kefee Temporarily removed aesthetic, flowers, and vintage image