It's saturday, and as always, i'm spending it by lounging at home in my pj's, studying for the exam week which starts in 2 days. I thought i'd take a break from studying and do this tag since it seemed like a fun one!

I've seen quite a few of these same tags going around WHI, so i don't know who to give credits to. But just so you know, it's not my own idea at all. Let's go!

a ➫ age:

Abba, Lyrics, and music image 17, birthday, and birthday girl image
I'm 17. My birthday is in June, and tbh i can't wait to turn 18. Where i live, it's the age you get your driver's license and you're old enough to drink and GODDAMNIT i get to finally buy my own cigarettes...

b ➫ best movie:

quotes, sad, and logan lerman image Temporarily removed quotes, netflix, and lana condor image quotes, The Breakfast Club, and funny image
If i only had to pick one of these, it'd probably be Call Me By Your Name or The Perks of Being a Wallflower... Idk... I can never choose. The other two movies are just the one's i've watched (again) more recently and i really enjoyed them.

c ➫ current time:

Temporarily removed time, quotes, and need image
It's currently 6:10pm!

d ➫ drink you had last

water and evian image
I just had a glass of water with my dinner.

e ➫ every day starts with...

aesthetic, alternative, and boys image Temporarily removed Abusive image makeup, orange, and beauty image
I have literally the same four steps every single day: 1. Check my phone. 2. Get some coffee asap. 3. Wash my face and moisturize it. 4. Do my makeup <3

f ➫ favorite songs

band, concert, and crowd image famous, rapper, and instagram image new album, new music, and the 1975 image france, French Riviera, and nice image
My current favorites are Bandito by Twenty One Pilots, Wasted by Juice WRLD and Lil Uzi Vert, It's Not Living (If It's Not With You) by The1975 and French Riviera by Cautious Clay

g ➫ game addiction

tbh i just play random games on my phone and i download and delete them all the time, so i really don't have an answer to this one

h ➫ height

fall, fashion, and model image blue, outside, and plaid image
I'm around 173 centimeters (which is about 5'8), so i'm not like super long but i'm definitely not short either

i ➫ interests

makeup, beauty, and cosmetics image Temporarily removed quotes, somebody, and change image Image removed
I love makeup sooo much! But when it comes to what i'd want to do later in life, i have to say i'm super interested in psychology and making the world a better place

j ➫ jealousy

aesthetic, body, and mirror image girl, morning, and kitchen image paris, alternative, and love image city, light, and travel image
I'm definitely jealous of those who are super confident and know exactly what they want to do in the future and know how they're going to achieve it. I'm almost halfway through high school and i still don't know a shit... Also, kind of jealous of those who get to travel a lot!

k ➫ kids

family and baby image Image removed
This is going to sound super harsh but i don't think i'm going to get kids... I feel like i want to enjoy my life and live my life for myself for as long as i can. Of course, my mind can still change, but even if i wanted to have kids later in my life, i'd probably adopt one or max two.

l ➫ last time you cried

aesthetic, grunge, and phone image room, cry, and aesthetic image
The last time i cried was probably about a week ago, which is super weird since i usually cry about once every two days

m ➫ middle name

my middle name is Iida

n ➫ number of siblings

the simpsons, lisa, and bart image gif image
I have one little brother who is two years younger than me

o ➫ one wish

Temporarily removed
To be happy and have people around me who i love and who i care about <3

p ➫ the person you last called / texted

funny, chips, and mom image
The last person i called was my mom a few days ago

q ➫ question you are always asked

i guess i don't have any specific questions i'd get asked more than usual

r ➫ reason you last smiled

earlier today my dad was being a goof like he always is and that made me laugh <3

s ➫ song you last sang

Image removed backstreetboys image
I was singing I Want It That Way by Backstreet Boys with my friends at school yesterday :D

t ➫ TV-series i love

paris, love, and gossip girl image gossip girl, blair waldorf, and blair image skins, cassie, and quotes image skin, love, and Effy image
BBIIITCHH i can't even describe how much i love Gossip Girl and Skins! Two all time favorites. I've seen GG like 7 times and Skins about 5 times and i'm currently watching them both on Netflix <33

u ➫ underwear color

Calvin Klein, body, and white image bomber, calvin, and motivation image

v ➫ vacation places

paris, girl, and luxury image cities, city, and new york image
I want to visit Paris more than anything, it's been my dream for as long as i can remember <33 Also, New York would be amazing

w ➫ worst habit

Temporarily removed hope, quotes, and worst image
I always expect the worst and underestimate myself

x ➫ x-rays you've had

I've had none!

y ➫ your favorite food

Temporarily removed sushi, food, and aesthetic image
I love sushi more than anything <33

z ➫ zodiac sign

gemini, aesthetic, and body image anxiety, astrology, and crying image
I'm a gemini, since i was born in the beginning of June!

That's it guys!
Doing this took me almost 2 hours... Remember the third question (current time: 6:10pm)? Well, it's now 7:40pm. This was super fun and exhausting at the same time, so maybe i'll do something again in a while?

I'm so sorry if the text is hard to read or if there are some spelling mistakes, english is not my native language!

If you're not tired of me yet, go ahead and check out my collections, other articles and give me a follow! I'm pretty active on WHI nowdays ;)

Lots of love, hope you've had a great day <3