I haven't done this since I lost my confidence. I don't know how I did that tho...I just woke up in the morning and I started to belive the fact that I'm not good enough.

So now I feel like I should do this.I feel like I should start writing again, not sure about what or how much but I need to do it unless I want to go insane.

Let me start with the things that are really important about myself. I'm 18, and i am a senior in high school (no, some parts are really nothing alike High School Musical), I am an introvert and I hate loud places (like clubs or parties).

I love reading from paper (not a kindle fan, sorry), especially newspappers. Romance is my thing, so throw in my head a romance novel and I will not beat you up. Also I would try to look really bad and feelingless but the truth it's that I'm way more soft that you would ever think I can be.

English it's not my native language (in case I write something wrong please don't kill me,although i would love to be corrected by you). I live in Romania and no, we don't have vampires here.

Thank you for reading this and I hope you will read my next posts too!