• Full Name: Nyx Hoshi Cain
  • Nickname(s): Nyny or just Nyx
  • Age: 18
  • Date of Birth: December 22
  • Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
  • Height: 5'4"
  • Ethnicity: Like Aphrodite, maybe greek but she comes from the Wizards World
  • Hometown: The State of Gods


  • Hair
Image removed girl, hair, and tumblr image girl, hair, and beauty image girl, grunge, and hair image
Very long black straight hair.
  • Eyes
eyeliner, eyes, and purple image blonde, eyes, and aesthetic image
She has one eyes purple & the other light blue.
  • Face & Body
aesthetic, beautiful, and brown hair image Image by Cathy Phan face, makeup, and art image Image removed
She has such a cute face. She is not very tall, her body is slim & pale. She gots sparkles as freckles.


  • Everyday
Temporarily removed maggie lindemann and outfit image maggie lindemann, Maggie, and outfit image girl, maggie lindemann, and outfit image
She has a grunge style.
  • At School
sequin, skirt, and gonna image fashion, gold, and style image Temporarily removed fashion, shoes, and violet image
She wears a silver dress & a white shirt as all of the Gods, a gray~purple faux fur coat & purple boots.
  • For Balls
fashion, dress, and style image black, girls, and heels image Image by Yolanda Arenas classy, Couture, and dress image
Black or silver dresses with heels.
  • For Events
fashion, style, and outfit image shoes, fashion, and black image aesthetic and purple image fashion, outfit, and girl image
Simple, classy outfits.


  • Everyday
Temporarily removed lips, freckles, and face image
  • At School
Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
  • For Ball
eyes, glitter, and makeup image lips, makeup, and lipstick image
  • For Events
makeup, stars, and glitter image lips, lipstick, and makeup image


quotes image cat, love, and moon image wild, neonlights, and neonquotes image quotes, heart, and brave image
She is a shy girl. She is also very kind & romantic. She is quiet but with her friends she's just crazy. She is very very brave.


  • Music
aesthetic, music, and flute image black and white, photography, and beautiful image
She plays flute & violin.
  • Sport(s)
Temporarily removed black, dancer, and pointe shoes image
She sometimes dances.


rose, night, and moon image Image by venus blue, jin, and moodboard image beads, details, and fashion image
She likes the night, the stars & the Moon & also music & dresse.


airplane, blue, and business image Marvel, captain america, and chris evans image pink, sky, and sunset image pink, ice cream, and food image
She hates the Sun, noise, pain & pink.

Favorite Color(s)

Temporarily removed
Purple & dark blue.

Significant Other

boy, Francisco Lachowski, and model image
She has a crush on Hadès.

Old Halloween Costumes

charli xcx, red, and Devil image girl, cindy kimberly, and wolfiecindy image


hogwarts and harry potter image moon, witch, and night image
She is the goddess of the night. She studies in the Wizards School.


black, body, and white image magic, stars, and hands image stars, girl, and night image friends, girl, and city image
She controls the stars & the night.


red, shoes, and cat image
Her cat, Salem.

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