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- And what if I take off, and will become invisible? So it was with my parents.They didn't see me even when I was nears. That's why I'm so good at stealing. Because people sometimes don't notice me. When I was tried, the judge said: "In the future, you will turn into a point.". I did everything in prison so as not to become a point.. I stole other people's clothes, I carefully brushed my teeth.. if the teeth begin to break down, this is not a reversible process.
- Yes, it's true.
- I was undergoing a mental examination, and they said that I schizophrenic and...

socially dangerous

Well, there, stealing and fighting for no reason, and without feeling guilty or compassionate

but why is it considered socially dangerous for me?
— I don't know ...

I have reasons to steal.

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I'm afraid to disappear.

They say that when you are socially dangerous, you cant be cured. Although the doctor says there is hope.
Sometimes the disease goes away. 30-40 years, and usually all this time a person is in prison. I didn't want to go to jail, so I came here. When I had felt that it was approaching again, I immediately came here.
I have been hospitalized for the fifth time ibehind 4 years. I can pay for the treatment with work.
Who do you think, so I can live 40 years, and

not turning into a point? I not turning into a point?

- Just ... don't hope. Stay strong. Do you hear?

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