You probably have seen pictures of these small creatures around weheartit. I know I have. It makes me sad that some people don't even know the name of the person who created them. But it also makes me sad that some people only remember her for it. She was so much more.

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The person who created them is Tove Jansson. A Finnish Swedish artist and author. And if you ask me, one of the most influential Finns. She broke barriers and was a big part of the childhood of probably every Finn.

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Some years ago I had the opportunity to go and see an art exhibition of her works. It was amazing. There I learnt that at one point she started to almost hate the Moomins. What I also learnt was that she was an amazing artist. Of course you might disagree because people like different kinds of art.

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Tuulikki Pietilä and Tove Jansson

Earlier in this article I said that Tove Jansson broke barriers. If you don't know her at all you might wonder how. Well, she and her partner Tuulikki Pietilä (one of the most influential Finnish graphic artists) were maybe the first female couple in the Independence Day Reception (in the Presidential Palace, Helsinki, Finland) in 1992. It was a big deal back then. The press blamed them for dishonoring the president.

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Just like many other artists and authors Tove reflected her own life to her work. You can find herself in her books in the form of Moomintroll and Little My. Her former fiance as Snufkin, her first female relationship as Thingumy and Bob (in Swedish Tofslan och Vifslan), and her parents as Moominmamma and Moominpappa. Her partner Tuulikki "Tooti" Pietilä is also in the books as Too-Ticky.

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the small creatures dressed in red are Thingumy and Bob

I love Moomins. You probably guessed that already. But the first thing I think of when someone says Tove Jansson's name aren't those small trolls. I think about the frescoes she painted (seriousy, check them out!) and the films Tuulikki shot of Tove dancing in the Klovharu island where they spent many summers together. The films were shown at the exhibition I told you about. (You can find parts of them on YouTube by searching for "Haru the lonely island")

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If I can get even one person to remember her name for her art and the things she did, not just for the Moomins, I can be happy. Because, after all, she wanted to be remembered as an artist.

- Jasmin