I've seen quite a few articles with the same/similar content,and I have no idea who first started it..but I thought I'd give this a shot and if it gets any hearts then cool.

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1: What Was The 1st Thing You Did This Morning? I have epilepsy,so every day starts with me taking all my medication. It's tedious but necessary for me.
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2: 4 People,Alive or Dead,You'd Like To Invite To Dinner?
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3: Zodiac?
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4: Allergies? Bananas,kiwi fruit and plums. Also latex,so no balloons,plasters etc.
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5: Furthest Travelled? Dominican Republic.
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6: Whose Style You Most Admire? Victoria Beckham
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7: Last Concert You Went To? Robbie Williams at Take the Crown.
italy and 🇮🇹 image america, asia, and australia image flag and Greece image Image by Yessnia_hmara
8: Something People May Not Know About You? I am fluent in Italian and French language and small bits of Greek and Spanish.
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9: Favourite Pizza? A basic margherita pizza with added jalepenos,onions,mushrooms and peppers.
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10: Favourite Time of Day? night time for me,due to my epilepsy,I often feel groggy most of the day,but feel better at night.
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11: Go to Make up Products?
Image by Linzi
12: Favourite Movie Genre? Horror!
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13: Something You'd Like To Learn? Surfing looks fun!
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14: Last thing You Had To Drink?
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15: Tattoos? I have 5 tats,so I am obviously in favour of ink. Each to their own though.