We all have the tendency to picture ourselves in different scenarios. Staring out the car window dazed. Here's the perfect calming playlist made for moments like those!

Lovely // Billie Ellish & Khalid

adventure, aesthetic, and gif image

The Night We Met // Lord Huron

adorable, couple, and gif image

Don't Worry Baby // The Beach Boys

aesthetic, gif, and teen image

Someone New // Hozier

couple, cuddle, and gif image

Barcelona // George Ezra

b&w, couple, and gif image

Big Jet Plane // Angus & Julia Stone

couple, gif, and kissing image

Young // Vallis Alps

brown, color, and gif image

Tell Me // Johnny Jewel (feat. Saoirse Ronan)

aesthetic, burn, and fire image

Mystery of Love // Sufjan Stevens

aesthetic, couple, and gif image

Scary Love // The Neighbourhood

gif, the neighbourhood, and jesse rutherford image

Also, I had to upload basically all of these gifs. Why aren't there any quality gifs on here?

Spotify: Shanasiase

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