Name: Raven Portland
Nickname: Ray
Serpent Name: Sunshine
Age: 17
Birthday: 10th January


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Tattoos and piercings:

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Raven lived with her father who was shot dead by his enemies when she was 10 years olds. Later at the age of 15, she got adopted by the Jones family and lived with Jughead and his father.


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Raven is a troubled teenager who lost her way many times. She always tries to survive and stay strong, hiding her feelings behind her sarcasm and rude comments. She doesn't trust easily because of her past and doesn't open up. Ray also gets angry easily and can't control herself when she is mad.


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playing the guitar, singing, spends most of her time alone, goes to Pop's with Jughead

Bad Habits:

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smoking, drinking, getting into trouble



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Ray used to live with her father and never met her mother. She had a normal life until her father was murdered by the Ghoulies, in front of her eyes. Ray was taken and sold as a s.ex slave. They abused her and gave her drugs to which she got addicted. At the age of 15, Jughead found her lying in the street and took her home to his father. They took care of her and let her stay with them, helping her get over her addiction. Jughead and she were inseparable and went to school together after southside high closed.