I was looking at a photograph of me holding Monroe when a voice startled me. I turned around to see Monroe all grown up. "Wow......it happened.....," I said softly.

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"Yeah...it did...and I have no clothes. I hope it's ok I borrowed some of yours for now," she said. I nodded. "That's fine....have you seen Timothee?" I asked. "No. His door is shut. He's probably in there. What's for breakfast? I'm hungry," she explained, taking a seat at the table. I couldn't stop looking at her. She didn't seem to notice. I went to the kitchen to cook her breakfast.

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"Morning," I heard Monroe say. I turned around and grown up Timothee was standing there. I felt overwhelmed. I knew this day would come, but it was still a shock. Child of Night and my wolf girl. All grown up. He didn't say anything. He grabbed a box of cereal and poured it into a bowl with milk. "Ew," Monroe said. I put a plate of bacon and eggs in front of Monroe. "Ew," Timothee said with a mouth full of cereal. I shook my head. Twins, yet they're opposites. Kind of like Tatum and I. "School starts today. You can decide if you want to board when you get back from the weekend trial. The rest of your cousins will be joining you at this school," I explained. "Cool," Monroe said. "I want to dorm," Timothee announced. "We'll see when you get back if you feel the same way. If so, you leave the next morning. Be good, kids. Study, and be kinder than you feel. Always," I told them. "I'll try," Timothee said. I don't think I'll have much of a problem with Monroe. I was a bit anxious, though. This is their first time in the world. This could be dangerous. I'll be driving them hours away as soon as they're done eating breakfast. And if they decide to dorm, I'll be back to work. In the underworld.