Chew toys are probably dog’s best friends.

Throughout their lives, dogs will always need something to chew on, even after the teething stage.

The best dog chew toys keep dogs busy for a long time, making sure they’re focused on it instead of your furniture.

Here we let you know which ones we love the best!

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1 - Nylabone DuraChew Ring – The indestructible dog chew toy

Chew toys are a hit for pretty much any dog we know. What changes depending on the dogs is how long it usually lasts. Around here, it’s not long at all and that means we’re always on the lookout for new chew toys that they’ll love.

The name itself sounded very promising. So we decided to test the ring with the flavor medley version. First thing we noticed was the size and shape, it keeps dogs very curious off the bat.

We could clearly see the different grooves and edges and how it would do as advertised: help with dental hygiene as it massage the gums and clean the teeth as they chew.

It is a perfect and safe dog toy for aggressive chewers, it lasts longer than most chew toys and the price is pretty great, considering how long your dog will use it.

Also it can be great for their alone time, the round shape allows for all types of play, they can hold it upright or hold it down, they can carry it around with them everywhere, it’s actually really fun watching them carry this sort of large door knob around.

2 - Benebone Real Flavor Wishbone – The dog chew toy for agressive chewers

This is a really fun and one of the toughest dog chew toys! It has an interesting shape and an ever better composition. It is made of nylon and real flavors like bacon, peanut butter and chicken, dogs go crazy over it!

Dogs can move it around to a position that makes the chewing much easier for them. Not only will this toy keep them entertained for hours and hours, it is also be a big help with their dental hygiene.

It is very resistant, almost indestructible dog toy for aggressive heavy chewers and it is known for curbing destructive chewing for those naughtier dogs. As long as you’re careful to make sure they don’t swallow any big pieces of it and make sure to take it away once it gets too small, it should be something that will keep them entertained for a very long time.

This is a perfect toy for a dog who likes to chew. You can play fetch or tug of war with it, but ultimately he’ll just want to chew it. If your dog is a chewer to tend to get bored easily and ends up ruining some piece of furniture in your house, this is the toy for him!

3 - KONG Classic – An all time favorite

KONG dog toys are a timeless classic, its sturdy rubber never disappoints, and you always get a safe, durable and very resistant toy. This KONG is a treat dispenser meant for fun while eating. You’re meant to place food or treats inside it and your dog is meant to find a way to eat it and get a good time out of it.

The main difference being it can sustain much more chewing than your average food dispensing toy and that is quite a difference to have, particularly when you have more than one dog who loves to chew and does it quite aggressively

The KONG is a great toy for dogs that get easily bored and need constant stimulus. You’ll need to take under consideration that if your dog is used to playing with the KONG with food inside, he will not want to use it empty, he’ll be expecting his reward. Also, be aware that, once he eats all of the food, he won’t want to play with it anymore.

On the other hand, there is nothing wrong with a few hours (or more, depending on the dog) of good old fun that involve puzzle solving and eating at the same time, a great way to keep your dog distracted when you leave home for work in the morning.

If your dog is a chewer who loves eating as much as he loves solving puzzles, than this is the best dog toy for you!

4 - Petstages Dogwood Durable Dog Chew Toy – A safer dog stick toy

Does your dog like playing with sticks? Unfortunately, sticks are very unsafe as shards of wood can lodge in dog’s throats or gums. This real wooden dog chew toy solves that problem perfectly.

It looks, feels and smells like a proper stick, but once the dog starts chewing away, it will start dissolving into tiny bits of soft material, making it safer for your dog to swallow, though it also probably means you’ll have a bit of floor sweeping to do once he’s done with it.

It is durable, but if your pup get obsessed by it like ours did, it won’t last for months, it is not the most durable chew toy they’ve had, but oh the joy!

They really really love this one!! This toy is the best alternative to real sticks you’ll find.

Also, if your best friend tends to get destructive with his chewing, this dog toy will really help curb that destructive chewing behavior.

It is something dogs can do on their own, but you can also play fetch with it, like you would with real sticks and your dog will probably learn how to do this faster, due to its appealing scent.

5 - Planet Dog Orbee Tuff Diamond Plate Ball – Bouncy dog ball for chewers

This is a cool toy, it looks cool and it “acts” cool too! It floats and bounces nicely and dogs love to chew it, we could describe it as a huge, silver, mint flavored bubblegum ball. Intrigued? So were we!

Infused with natural mint oil and it is hollow on the inside, giving it that great flexibility dogs love while maintaining its shape. It is a flexible but sturdy ball, very resistant for most dogs, maybe a little bit so for very aggressive chewer.

What else is perfect about it? How easy it is to clean, it is even dishwasher safe! What more can we ask for. This is a great ball overall.

What we love most about it is its flexibility, the dogs we usually try the toys with usually prefer a ball that’s easy to chew than a hard one. It really adapts to their bite and their jaw, so of course, they are going to love it!

You can play fetch with it and, as long as you make sure no piece gets swollen, you can use it as a chew ball for your dog.

Either way, he’ll have a blast. If you want your dog to have loads of fun and a minty breath, this is the best dog chew toy for you.