I finally know what love feels like.
I always thought I knew, but I didn't.
Everytime I fell 'in love' I thought 'this is it, this is love', well, most of those times didn't end 'happily ever after'.
However, 1.5 years ago I met this guy. It was so strange.
I stepped out of my dads car with a friend of mine. We were going out with a group of friends en he was coming too.
I had never met him before.
He opened his front door and my heart just stopped. I had never felt something like that in my life.
He wanted to give me a handshake but I said I only did hugs, so he hugged me.
It was quite funny cause when my friend and I were in the car I told her I wouldn't date anyone in the coming year because I was sick of being heartbroken.
Well, after he and I met it only lasted 2 hours untill we first kissed. 3 days after we had our first date and now it has been 1.5 years.
Everytime I see him I feel me. I know that sounds strage but I don't feel like myself when he's not around. It's like he has become a part of me.
I always struggled being happy, I was never really good at it. Till the moment I met him.
My life literally turned around, 180 degrees.

And that, my loves, is what love feels like.