1 - Aries

gif, harry potter, and serpent image
nagini, harry potter, and fantastic beasts image Temporarily removed

2 - Taurus

gif, fantastic beasts, and potterhead image
fantastic beasts image fantastic beasts and theseus scamander image
Theseus Scamander

3 - Gemini

gif, fbawtft, and queenie goldstein image
Temporarily removed queenie goldstein, alison sudol, and fantastic beasts image
Queenie Goldstein

4 - Cancer

gif, fantastic beast, and niffler image
Temporarily removed Image removed

5 - Leo

Temporarily removed
fantastic beasts and harry potter image harry potter, magic, and new york image
Seraphina Picquery

6 - Virgo

Temporarily removed
fantastic beasts and kowalski image harry potter, hogwarts, and wizarding world image
Jacob Kowalski

7 - Libra

albus dumbledore, books, and film image
fantastic beasts image actor, albus dumbledore, and beautiful image
Albus Dumbledore

8 - Scorpio

zoe kravitz, fantastic beasts, and gif image
zoe kravitz, fantastic beasts, and leta lestrange image fantastic beasts image
Leta Lestrange

9 - Sagittarius

Temporarily removed
harry potter and fantastic beasts image jk rowling, fantastic beasts, and katherine waterston image
Tina Goldstein

10 - Capricorn

gif, j.k rowling, and ezra miller image
wizard, ezra miller, and fantastic beasts image magic, black, and coldplay image
Credence Barebone

11 - Aquarius

gif, j.k rowling, and johnny depp image
johnny depp, fantastic beasts, and actor image depp, johnny, and grindelwald image
Gellert Grindelwald

12 - Pisces

eddie redmayne, gif, and fantastic beasts image
fantastic beasts, harry potter, and newt scamander image eddie redmayne, fantastic beasts, and newt scamander image
Newt Scamander