So, in my last article, I posted about hair icons and I associated the icons with the style in our today's world, in order to show the evolution that came after. However, I decided to evolve from hair to fashion.
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Here are the fashionistas that captured the world of fashion with their trends.

Katharine Hepburn

katharine hepburn, black and white, and fashion image
outfit, fashion, and somegram image Temporarily removed blazer, outfit, and business woman image fashion, pink, and style image
I think her look is quite bossy and classy, transforming "men shaped outfits" into a feminine style.

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe image
summer, bikini, and beach image Temporarily removed bathing suits, swimsuit, and swimwear image actress, black and white, and goals image
High-waist bikinis (I know, this is winter time)

Lauren Bacall

gif, Humphrey Bogart, and Lauren Bacall image
fashion, girl, and style image fashion image Image removed fashion, style, and outfit image

Audrey Hepburn

Temporarily removed
awesome, beauty, and black image chic, edgy, and girl power image fashion, style, and outfit image bag, fashion, and girl image
Little black dress

Elizabeth Taylor

actors, earrings, and Elizabeth Taylor image
dress, fashion, and Prom image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed etsy, bridal hair piece, and bridalheadband image
Elizabeth Taylor = daring necklines + feather boas + fur + headpieces

Diana Ross

Image removed
fashion, outfit, and style image frontal, wig, and baddie image blake lively, met gala, and dress image black, dress, and style image
How to be a diva with an embellished dress

Brigitte Bardot

Temporarily removed
black, curls, and goals image celebrities, curly hair, and miniskirt image beauty, cat eye, and eyeliner image Amy Winehouse, black and white, and tattoo image
miniskirts + cat-eye eyeliner

Princess Diana

diana, princess diana, and classy image fashion, style, and lady d image Image removed princess diana, beautiful, and diana image
Image removed
My fashion icon


Be you because your "crazy style" might be used as an inspiration for the future.
— p_cali4l

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