The LGBTQ+ community has grown and continues to grow with the addition of many more gender identities and sexual orientations. With the increasing chance of society beginning to become inclusive and accepting, it is important to understand these identities, and try to be an ally to this highly scrutinized community.

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photos above depict the Pride Parade; a celebration of the LGBTQ+ community

Here is a list of most of the different identities that are a part of this growing community.

L -Lesbian

An individual identifies as a lesbian if they are a female who is romantically or sexually attracted to another female.

G -Gay

This widely used term can apply to a more general meaning. It is used to describe anyone who is attracted to the same gender.

B -Bisexual

Being bisexual is defined as being attracted to both genders.

T -Transgender

Transgender is a broad term that describes an individual whose gender identity differs from their assigned sex.

Q -Queer,Questioning

The term queer is also another general and broad term that is used inclusively to describe all individuals in this community positively.
The term questioning is used when an individual is still exploring their sexuality, or is not ready or willing to specifically identify themselves under one of these terms.

I -Intersex

This term means that an individual has both male and female sexual characteristics and organs.

A -Asexual,Ally,Agender

Asexual means that an individual is not sexually attracted to anyone, can also be defined as an individual having little or a lack of sexual attraction.
The term Ally, is used to describe anyone who supports the LGBTQ+ community :)
Agender is an umbrella term used differently by individuals who do not identify with any gender, also known as gender less or gender free.

P -Pansexual,Pangender

Individuals who identify as Pansexual, are attracted to others regardless of their sex or gender identity.
An individual uses the term Pangender when they identify as all genders. Pangender is an extremely broad term that is used differently according to each individual.

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