I need a break from everything. I mean I need a holiday for life with no stress and a really good time spent by the beach with special people around. But this is a dream.

Having 20 yo means you should change a little bit because you are not a kid anymore, either a teenager. From now you are an young adult which means you have to be more responsible (go to college, a job and take care of yourself). You have to be brave and fly away from your parents protection. Itโ€™s hard, I know because I trying to do it and I havenโ€™t done it yet.

When I was 13, I use to have a diary and I wrote every single day about all the things I discovered and the people I met. I was drawing, writing stories I still want to think of my teenage dreams. It was so good when I believed all of my dreams can happen. Of course, I use to describe the boys I liked and write stories about us. I had a childish mind and I still have it, somehow.

Now life is a little bit different than I thought. My dreams were pink. I use to believe that things are quickly happening and dreams become reality. But itโ€™s not like that. Life has ups and downs. Itโ€™s like climbing on a mountain. You have to be ambitious and brave, and donโ€™t listen to the people who donโ€™t know how you really are and what are you capable to do.

When 20 feels like 15 you are still a child. Donโ€™t rush to get old. You can do everything you want at the right moment. Enjoy your life and take your time to be yourself!